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A Brief Visual Overview of eG Innovations Enterprise (v6)

Last year, I posted a “Brief Visual Overview” of eG Innovations Enterprise, showing how this tool from eG can help you monitor your virtualized environment. This has been one of our more popular posts, so with the release of version...

A Brief Visual Overview of XenDesktop 7

XenApp and XenDesktop Are Now One!       Update: Citrix has since announced the re-release of XenApp as XenApp 7.5.      Once this product hits the market, we will post a follow up to this blog post.With the release of XenDesktop 7, Citrix has introduced...

Virtual Machine in XenServer Will Not Shut Down or Start; Stuck/Frozen Starting/Stopping

  If you’ve worked with XenServer for any length of time, you have no doubt experienced having a VM turn “orange” or “amber” or otherwise become unmanageable.  Here are couple of similar problem scenarios and solutions that might help.  ...